Login to your account through chempharmaassn.net/wp-login.php or any other login URL (e.g. the "Member Login" page in the navigation menu of the website.)

Step 1. From the admin dashboard, click "Events" in the left-hand sidebar.


Step 2. Hover over the name of the event for which you would like to export attendee lists, then click "Attendees"


Step 3. Select the top-most checkbox on the left in order to select all attendees on the list.


Step 4. Click "Export" to export the attendee list as a CSV file.


Step 5. Log into your Mailchimp account in order to import them into your account by clicking Audience > Manage Audience > Import Contacts and selecting the file from your computer and following the workflow.



If the contacts match current contacts in your Mailchimp database (i.e. current members), their information will either be updated or skipped based on the option you select during the "Organize your contacts" step. Leave the "Update any existing contacts" checkbox unchecked to help ensure that you're only importing non-members into this new audience. Otherwise, any current members who RSVP'd to this event may be updated with the tag you select in the next step, and therefore imported into the new audience along with non-members.